War! Huh! What is it good for?

After bringing us a coruscating battle of the sexes in Closer, Mike Nichols is considering actual warfare for his next film.

Nichols is in discussions with Universal to direct Charlie Wilson’s War. Scripted by West Wing genius Aaron Sorkin from a book by George Crile, War will star Tom Hanks – who’s also on board as a producer.

The plot focuses on the CIA’s covert operation to arm the Afghanistan mujahadeen against Russia in the midst of the Cold War. Most of the behind-the-scenes-deals were conducted by charismatic, wheeler-dealing Texas businessman Charlie Wilson, who manipulated governments and armies to help the Afghans. The only slight problem being that many of those he armed went on to become the Taliban…

If Nichols does sign up, this will be one of the best pedigree projects to amble along for ages.