Wahlberg chats The Fighter

If it seems like Darren Aronofsky’s biopic of underdog boxing champ “Irish” Micky Ward has been a long time getting started, that’s probably because it has.

Aronofsky has been developing it for two years and now it’s finally getting set to step out into the filmmaking ring this autumn. Mark Wahlberg and Brad Pitt are starring and according to Wahlberg, he’s been getting ready all this time.

“I want to do him proud. The guy did everything I wish I could have done. He came from nothing, went on to win the world title with all the odds stacked against him. Did it with his mother and his brother,” Wahlberg told MTV . “He’s still in the same town to this day. He’s got a regular job. He knows that I’m going to put it all on the line for him. Mickey Ward is going to be on set, watching me every single day.” Let’s hope he hasn’t seen The Happening first, or fists will fly for real.

Source: ( MTV )