Voltron is go at last

Until recently, perceived wisdom held that cinemagoers simply didn’t want to go and watch massive great robots doing battle on the screen. Well, Transformers squashed perceived wisdom flat this summer, and now studios are scrambling to join the wave of exciting adventures to be found in the genre of huge machines. Or, to put it another way, they’re sniffing a new way to cash in.

The New Regency production company has linked arms with the Mark Gordon Company to pluck a long-gestating idea based on ‘80s anime series Voltron from the factory floor of development hell and send it chugging back into production.

Justin Marks – no stranger to kitsch from decades past having written adaptations of He-Man and Street Fighter – has been tasked with taking the rough plot of the show (five galaxy alliance pilots run vehicles shaped like lions that link up to form the gigantic titular robot that fights off evil menace) and turning it into a post-apocalyptic story of survival in New York and Mexico.

Oh, and in case your pop culture mind doesn’t stretch back as far as Voltron – here ’s a refresher course, courtesy of the anime experts at Robot Chicken. Okay… maybe it won’t be exactly like this – but it would be more fun this way.

Source: ( Youtube )

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