Universal option Cup Of Tears

Not content with last year’s daft-as-a-brush Ninja Assassin ?

Well, fear not - a new ninja flick called The Cup Of Tears could soon be coming our way. Universal and Working Title have picked up the rights to the web short by ad director Gary Shore, and are hoping to turn it into a feature.

So don’t consider the below short as a film, but as a tantalising teaser for what could be lighting up our screens in a couple of years’ time.

Shore shot Cup Of Tears in just six months in-between jobs, and has apparently written a treatment for a feature film version. Though another writer is expected to be hired to give it a polish, Shore will remain onboard as the feature’s director.

Which sounds great to us, considering the barrage of awesome images he’s stuffed into the two minute short. Check it out below and let us know what you think…

Think Cup would make a good feature?

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