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PSN Golden Week sale discounts "Japan-inspired" games by up to 75%

You may not have much of an idea of what Golden Week is if you aren't Japanese, but you can still enjoy the holiday savings on PSN. Sony's kicked off a week-long sale on more than 100 "Japan-inspired" games, offering up to 75 percent off on a variety of titles.

PS Plus subscribers can get Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes for $8, the HD remake of Resident Evil for $14.99, Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episode One for $2.99, Demon's Souls for $5, Catherine for $5, Skullgirls Encore for $4.50, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles for $9, and the new Strider for $6, just to name a few. You'll have to pay a little bit more for each if you don't factor in the PS Plus discount.

The deals also extend to the PlayStation Store's video selection, including a whole lotta anime. Take your time, because the Golden Week sale will last through May 4 - which is actually a day before the weeklong holiday period ends in Japan. It begins on April 29 with Shōwa Day, held to remember the reign of Emperor Hirohito, stretches through Constitution Memorial Day and Greenery Day on May 3 and 4, respectively, and ends with Children's Day on May 5.

Now that you definitely know what Golden Week is, you can fully enjoy your cheap PSN games.

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