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PS4 20th Anniversary Edition for sale online in UK next week

Do you still feel a burning need to get your hands on one of those geeky-glee-provoking 20th Anniversary PS4 systems? Do you live in the UK? Are you capable of pressing the 'buy' faster than thousands of competing consumers? Seriously, are you like whoa dang fast at buying stuff on the internet? Then there may be hope for you next week.

Sony plans to sell daily allocations of the anniversary packages to UK consumers from Monday through Friday for the standard price of £399. Granted, that's £379.06 more expensive (get it, £19.94?) than they briefly sold for at Sony's sneaky little pop-up shop in London... but all of those units have already been claimed.

The firm hasn't yet detailed where you should point your browser to snap up your copy. Until then, I'd recommend you stay tuned to the PlayStation UK Twitter account, keep a new browser tab ready, and tattoo your payment information to the inside of your eyelids. At least you can't get trampled in an online store, right?

Connor Sheridan
Connor has been doing news and feature things for GamesRadar+ since 2012, which is suddenly a long time ago. How on earth did that happen?