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Private Benjamin remake on the way

Anna Faris is in talks to star in a proposed New Line remake of 1980s comedy Private Benjamin .

A contemporary spin on the original '80s yarn, the new Benjamin will reportedly downplay the military fun-poking (we wonder why) and instead focus on the fish out of water elements integral to the original film.

Goldie Hawn received an Oscar nomination for her role in the original, which saw her playing a spoiled woman who joins the army after her husband dies - and realises it ain't as easy as all that.

Eileen Brennan also received a Supporting Actress nomination, while Nancy Meyers garnered an Academy nod for her original screenplay.

While the original has dated, it’s no laughing matter that the studio are playing it safe with their money by pegging it for a remake. Surely re-releasing ready-made films is a better financial model than pouring millions into essentially re-creating the same movie?

Still, with giggle-a-minute Anna Faris in the role, this new Benjamin should hopefully not be too much of a blight on the original.

Is Faris a good choice for the role?