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Mike Tyson says Mel Gibson needs help

Mike Tyson believes that Mel Gibson needs "someone to talk to."

Yep, the former boxing champion who once threatened to eat one opponent's children, and did eat another opponent's ear has come out in support of Gibbo. We're sure Mel's over the moon.

After Gibson was booted from The Hangover 2 , there was a muted outcry over the hypocrisy of allowing convicted rapist Tyson to cameo in one film, but drawing the line at a cameo from someone who made a whole bunch of really hideous phone calls in the sequel.

Which is probably why Tyson was asked his opinion on the matter.

"We all have that guy - a Mel Gibson - in us," Tyson said. "We just don't want people to be exposed to it. Maybe he needs to go get help. We all need help, and need someone to talk to. I'm not against him, but I'm not for him."

Which, to be fair, is pretty faint praise.

Still, at least Tyson wouldn't have insisted that Gibson be removed from The Hangover 2 . "I'm not going to ever in my life point my finger at anyone. I don't live in a glass house. None of us do. I work with anybody, as long as they're respectful."

The Hangover 2 is released in 2011.