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Mark Wahlberg offered action comedy Bait And Switch

mark wahlberg

Universal are hoping Mark Wahlberg will agree to head up a spec script they’ve just purchased entitled Bait And Switch .

Scripted by little-known writer Matthew J. O’Neill, it’s being described as an action comedy, though no plot details have yet been unveiled.

Wahlberg seems to be a Universal favourite at the moment. He’s currently filming Ted with Family Guy ’s Seth MacFarlane, and also has thriller Contraband on the horizon.

After the success he had with The Other Guys , it’s no wonder Universal want to create a similar action vehicle for him to ride his popularity wave.

Of course, all of these projects could eventually get in the way of video game adap Drake’s Fortune , which Wahlberg’s attached to. But considering he’s shown more aptitude for comedy than action, would that be such a bad thing?