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LG attempts to stop PS3 sales in US over patent dispute

If LG has its way, Sony won't be able to bring any PS3 consoles into the United States. Likely to happen? Not really. Likely to be a headache for Sony's legal team? Probably.

Above: Not amused

LG has brought a complaint to the International Trade Commission in the US, saying the PS3 is in violation of numerous patents it holds, all of which are related to the device's Blu-ray player.

According to the complaint, which is not an official lawsuit, LG claims to own the patent rights to technology Sony uses to reproduce data from a Blu-ray Disc on a Blu-ray player. Additionally, LG says it holds a patent concerning the display of subtitles on the screen from a Blu-ray Disc. And... something about "reproduction of multiple data streams." Whatever that means.

There is some speculation that this might be a retaliatory action after Sony filed a complaint with the ITC over patents it said LG was violating in the manufacturing of its mobile phones.

LG is now calling on the ITC to begin an "immediate investigation" into the use of Blu-ray technology in the PS3, and has asked for a total ban on importing new PS3 units from overseas manufacturing plants.

[Source: Cnet]

Feb 8, 2011