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Killer Elite signs Clive Owen

After turning down the lead in Protection , Clive Owen looked to be shying away from the action roles - but it appears he just wanted a bigger slice of the action pie after signing to play an SAS soldier in The Killer Elite .

And he's not going it alone, he'll be starring opposite fellow Brit Jason Statham - aka Mr Action (not an official nickname... yet) - who signed on to the project last year.

Owen will play the role of a vigilante group leader providing protection to the families of SAS agents - but protection from what? The Stath of course.

Statham plays a Navy SEAL, hired by a former Shah of Oman to kill SAS men he believes caused his son’s death.

The film, which is based on the Ranulph Fiennes novel ‘The Feather Men’ will be directed by newcomer Gary McKendry.

Although Statham signed up for his role a year ago - and it was hoped shooting would start the end of last year - production delays have meant filming won’t take place until the summer.

So, Killer Elite? Or killer of careers? Let us know...