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Judd Apatow to direct Train Wreck

Having taken a little time out after This Is 40 , Judd Apatow seems to have made his mind up over his next project, with THR reporting that he is set to direct new film Train Wreck .

Written by and starring comedian Amy Schumer, fresh from receiving her own show on Comedy Central, the film will follow a troubled young woman trying to steer her life back on to the rails.

Apatow is currently immersed in the casting process, with the director thought to have met with a number of actors in LA throughout November.

Reportedly up for grabs are roles as Schumer’s boyfriend, parents and a best friend / co-worker. And presumably a part for Leslie Mann somewhere too…

A shoot is likely to take place next year, ahead of a probable release date in 2015. Good job too, since that year is currently looking pretty quiet…