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Jane Lynch signs up for The Three Stooges

jane lynch

Glee ’s greatest asset Jane Lynch has just signed up to transfer her inimitable talents in intimidation to the Three Stooges film.

Lynch has been drafted in to play Mother Superior in the movie, with Deadline reporting that she’ll appear in the film’s opening ‘episode’.

As directors the Farrelly brothers have previously stated, they’re forging The Three Stooges as a proper ode to the original TV show, with the film consisting of three distinct episodes. The first episode will trace the Stooges’ years at an orphanage.

Also previously, Sean Hayes signed on as Larry, Will Sasso as Curly, and Chris Diamantopoulos is still in negotiations to play Moe.

The Farrellys have taken their time getting this project off the ground, but with casting picking up speed, it looks like they’re finally succeeding where they were previously struggling.