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Emma Stone could be new Mary Jane

Andrew Garfield

Superbad and Zombieland ass-kicker Emma Stone has been offered the role of Mary Jane in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot.

Though previous reports had it that Mary Jane wouldn’t be Peter Parker’s girlfriend in the web-spinner’s next outing, that honour presumably going to Gwen Stacy, clearly MJ will have some part to play in the movie.

Deadline report that Sony have offered the role to Emma Stone, whose new movie Easy A tipped her into lead territory after a series of supporting turns in the aforementioned Superbad , Zombieland and uh, The House Bunny .

Furthermore, the site reports that while Gwen Stacy will indeed be the more prominent laydee in Mark Webb’s first Spidey re-do (casting is still underway), Mary Jane could play a bigger role in the proposed sequels.

Stone has also recently been offered the lead in the remake of 21 Jump Street by Sony, which comes as no surprise considering her Superbad co-star Jonah Hill is producing/starring. Nope, Stone’s not going anywhere soon.

Meanwhile, the search for Gwen continues…

Spider-Man opens in cinemas on 12 July, 2012.