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Danny Trejo takes a Skinny Dip

Michelle Rodriguez

Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez are set to star in a new indie flick teasingly titled Skinny Dip .

The pair have just finished up work on Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse-inspired Machete , which is opening the Venice Film Festival tomorrow with a special midnight screening, but are keen to work together again - especially if it involves a little clothes-shedding amid the gunplay.

Skinny Dip is being produced by Trejo’s 22-year-old son Gilbert, who may also get behind the camera as a co-director. Touted as a “revenge picture”, the plot follows a young woman who kills a policeman. And that’s all we have to go on so far.

Considering the people involved, expect this to be a down-and-dirty scrap flick that gives Rodriguez another chance to look cool while shooting a gun, and Trejo another chance to look cool while doing anything he wants .

Machete opens in the UK on 26 November.