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Danny Boyle up for 28 Months Later?

28 Days Later

Danny Boyle is rumoured to be interested in taking on a second sequel to his apocalyptic 28 Days Later .

Currently being pedalled about under the unofficial title 28 Months Later , Dread Central got word from the director himself on the threequel. Asked if he’d produce, Boyle responded: “Actually, I want to direct it.”

The project has been quietly moving around behind the scenes since 2007, with Russia a favoured setting. Though he didn't return for first sequel 28 Weeks Later , Boyle has mentioned in the past that he’d be interested in directing a third flick. Back in 2007, he had this to say:

“It’s to do with Russia actually. It’s to do with that part of the world. Not France. The second film hints that it gets to France eventually, and wipes out the French. But this third idea is actually more to do with Russia, but that’s actually all I can say.”

Three years on, could he be seriously considering it? Boyle’s next project will actually be a theatre production of Frankenstein , while he has a three year contract with Fox Searchlight, of which the upcoming 127 Hours is a part. But after that, he’s more than free enough for another 28 movie.