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Brad Pitt signs on to star in Cogans Trade

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has officially signed on to head up Cogan’s Trade , which will be directed by his The Assassination Of Jesse Jame s helmer Andrew Dominik.

Just last month, Dominik seemed keen on reuniting with some of the stars of his sophomore directing gig, and it seems his luck's in with the addition of Pitt.

The actor will play Jackie Cogan, a gangland enforcer who makes sure that the Mob’s rules are always obeyed. When they’re not, Cogan gets to spill a little of the red stuff.

Enlisted when a high-stake card game protected by the Mob is heisted, Cogan uses his skills in manipulation and cold-hearted stealth to track down the guilty parties.

Based on George V. Higgins’ '70s novel, Pitt’s certainly got some meaty material to chew on here, with a role that’s quite different to the ones he usually takes on.

Time will tell if his James co-stars Casey Affleck and Sam Rockwell will also jump at the chance to work with Dominik again. Filming kicks off March 2011.