Tusker's back

Way back in 2000, DreamWorks Animation was excited and pleased to announce that it would follow up Antz and Shrek with Tusker, the tale of a young elephant who learns about life from an outcast old bull and realises he can be a hero in his own right. Sadly for Tusker, he was quickly shoved into cinematic limbo when the studio became much more excited about franchise favourite Shrek 2 and the upcoming Madagascar. And then, somehow, he was quietly shipped off to the film equivalent of the elephant’s graveyard.

But now Imagi – the animation team behind TMNT – is reviving the film after Cecil Kramer, former co-head of DreamWorks Animation, brought the project with him and set it up at his new job. The company is aiming to have the movie in cinemas by 2011. Variety is seeing the circle of life .