Tron Legacy director talks Black Hole

With his Tron Legacy gathering momentum and edging slowly closer to its release, director Joseph Kosinski has been talking about his next project at Disney.

No, not Enchanted 2 (though that could be pretty amusing). It’s a reboot of 1979’s The Black Hole , which Kosinski will be producing for the Mouse House (and possibly, fingers crossed, directing).

Talking to MTV , the filmmaker said:

“This one will be a reimagining. For me, it would be taking ideas and iconic elements that struck me as timeless and cool and preserving them while weaving a new story around them that’s a little more 2001 .”

We hear ya. The original Black Hole was created as Disney’s version of 2001 back in the ‘70s, but it was a commercial flop.

Still, its iconic imagery and legendary climax means that it has since turned into a bit of a cult classic. Expect red robot Maximilian to make an appearance, while the design of the Cygnus spaceship should be recognisable in the reboot.

Screenwriter Travis Beacham is set to start drafting his script in the next few months.

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