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Tony Scott revs up Potsdamer Platz

Tony Scott has lined up Potsdamer Platz as his next film.

Intriguing title (it’s named after a Berlin landmark), what’s it all about? Well, the script was written by Buddy Giovinazzo, but was given a buff up last year by former writing team David Scinto and Louis Mellis.

It’s said to be based on the true story of the Jersey mob “when they tried to take over the construction business in Germany,” according to Scott.

The director plans to take the idea and drag it into contemporary times – while also changing that title.

Deadline also report that Scott has cast his three main stars: Javier Bardem, Jason Statham and Mickey Rourke. Apparently Scott also wanted Gene Hackman, but the actor is no longer interested in starring in movies.

Rourke was cast as early as last summer, with Scott telling ComingSoon “I’ve got a great cast with Mickey... now all of a sudden the film became bankable because Mickey was always his own man before last year.”

Scott’s Unstoppable is currently in post-production and is due out at the tail end of this year.

Do we need more flicks about the mob?