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Tom Cruise may join The Matarese Circle

If you were disappointed to learn that Tom Cruise wouldn’t go mano a Tomo with Denzel Washington in The 28th Amendment, take heart: he’s in talks to join The Matarese Circle, which DC is already attached to.

David Cronenberg is in the director’s chair for MGM’s adaptation of the Robert Ludlum story, which finds two bitter spies who have spent 20 years trying to off each other.

But when a bigger threat emerges - in the form of mysterious group the Matarese, the pair join forces.

Wanted’s Michael Brandt and Derek Haas have been busy typing out a script that modernizes Ludlum’s Cold War take on the tale, which the studio wants on screen in 2010.

And if all goes well, MGM is hoping for a Bourne-style franchise.

Think about it: the Cruise and the Wash taking down conspiracies once every couple of years? Could work!

[Source: Variety ]

So, Denzel and the Cruiser? Dream team or bland match? Speak up!