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Titanic to Resurface in 3D

James Cameron's love affair with 3D continues with the planned re-release of his 1997 blockbuster, Titanic .

While Cameron's remarks at last years Comic-con sent the rumour mill into overdrive, few actually believed they would come to fruition.

But now the 55 year old director has announced that he not only plans to go ahead with the ‘3D-ification’ of his record-breaking movie, but that the project is already well underway.

"We're looking at spring of 2012 for the release, which is the 100th anniversary of the sailing of the ship," said Cameron, before offering us a warning.

"It’s never going to look as good as if you shot it in 3D, but think of it as a sort of 2.8D”.

On it’s first release Titanic took a record breaking $1.8bn worldwide, but this was eclipsed by the $2.8bn made by Cameron’s own film Avatar - a film that Cameron has also talked of re-releasing this Autumn as a director’s cut.

"The question is [whether] the appetite is still going to be there after the summer glut of movies," Cameron said.

“We’re going to assess that. We're talking about maybe adding in additional footage and doing something creative."

Is re-releasing films in 3D a good idea? Let us know!