Tim Curry off to Snowyville

Every Christmas, it seems the cinema or the goggle box must, by tradition or contract, spit forth an animated adventure. America has a long tradition of classics such as Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer, whilst we in Blighty have had The Snowman on our TV screens for years.

And now there’s another one on the way. Snowyville, which is being talked up as an animated movie musical, has been adapted from Michael Attardi’s short Once Upon A Christmas Village

And given his experience with the story, he’s being hired to direct the film version, nabbing Tim Curry and Jim Belushi to help voice a tale in which Santa clumsily drops his magic watch under a Christmas tree, bringing a model village sitting there to life.

Attardi plans to use live-action backgrounds, CGI and motion capture to bring it all to life starting this October. Let’s hope he doesn’t also over-crank the schmaltz generator.