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Three new viral posters for Prometheus

Prometheus ' viral marketing campaign continues to work us into a state of frenzy, with today bringing the release of a trio of new posters advertising various innovations pioneered by the Weyland Corporation.

The first introduces the Med Pod 720i, which boasts "comfortable limb restraints, liquid spray anaesthetic and computer controlled robotic surgical arms." It's basically a mini-hospital, controlled by a state of the art computer. What could possibly go wrong?

Next up is the USCSS Prometheus itself, which is powered by a pair of nuclear ion plasma engines, sports a fireproof windscreen (we'd imagine that may well come in handy…) and also contains an ejectable lifeboat module.

Finally, we have the RTO1 Transport, a heavily armoured terrain vehicle that looks like a mini tank. This will be the crew's ride once they touch down on the alien planet and head off the ship for a bit of exploring.

All of which has got us even more worked up about the film's UK release on 1 June 2012. The most hotly anticipated sci-fi movie in years? You'd better believe it.

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