Three brothers and a baby

Put your hand up if you remember the days when Jackie Chan rarely appeared onscreen without two buddies by his side? In between brief stints in the road-hogging Cannonball Run movies, the early ’80s saw Chan cranking out must-see high-kicking comedy films with his lifelong mates Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao.

Well, fear not, the boys are back. Filming began last week on Project BB, reteaming the famed Kung Fu trio that tore up the screen in such classics as Wheels On Meals and My Lucky Stars. Discounting the odd brief cameo, the boys haven’t appeared together since 1988’s Three Brothers, after which Jackie’s ascendancy made him a topliner in both Hong Kong and Hollywood.

Project BB sees the brothers play a hapless gang of crooks who pinch a car without realising there’s a baby inside it. The trio’s infamous slapstick stylings used to include jumping out of first-floor windows and back-flipping onto skateboards. Just because Hung is 54 this weekend, Chan is 51 and Biao is the baby at 48, don’t think they won’t be trying to recapture that bone-crunching magic.

Acclaimed Hong Kong helmer Benny Chan is handling megaphone duties and the flick is slated for release in the autumn.