The Weinstein Company to make a CGI Navy Seals

You might look at that headline and begin to panic that someone has been crazy enough to try to remake the modern classic that is 1990’s Navy Seals.

No, the spectre of Charlie Sheen and Michael Biehn in army fatigues will not linger over cinemas again. This time, the subject matter is actual seals. For the Weinstein Company, as part of their pact with Exodus Film Group, have given a greenlight to the story of an elite group of US Navy dolphins who are captured while on a mission. Their only hope for a rescue? A bunch of loveable, washout, misfit, n’er-do-well, pick-your-own-description seals.

Justin Eick is the man charged with bashing out a script from the story concept that currently exists, but there’s no director or any sign of a vocal cast yet. Sheen’s likely busy with his sitcom, but we’d hope Biehn could be tempted for a voice cameo just because it would be both cheesy and funny.

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