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The PlayStation Classic is still down to a ridiculous $20

The PlayStation Classic is still down to a ridiculous $20
(Image credit: Sony)

If you're keen for a bit of retro PlayStation gaming but never want to pay through the nose for the pleasure, then the PlayStation Classic is the console/gift that keeps on giving: it's maintained a very low price and is still just $20 right now at BestBuy

Loaded with 20 classic PS1 titles such as Metal Gear Solid, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, Syphon Filter, and Grand Theft Auto, this will bring back plenty of strong memories from Sony's first console. Of course the graphics won't hold up, but the fact that you can play all these for just 20 smackers is still excellent. Also, while it might have got a lukewarm reception when announced and released, it's still a fun, simple piece of tech to have around and is a steal at that MSRP. Also, no matter what its 'actual' retail price is now - this has tumbled a fair bit since its launch - it still represents great value for a bit of gaming nostalgia. Just 20 bucks. Just. 20. Dollars.

PlayStation Classic | just $20 at BestBuy (save $40)
This remains a glorious impulse-worthy price for what is a decent retro console that'll bring back some stirring memories of gaming in the 90s.View Deal

However, it's also worth giving pause to the fact that it is also a worthwhile time to grab a full size, modern PlayStation bundle. Why not consider one of the best PS4 bundle deals or the best PS4 Pro deals to jump into 4K HDR glory? If you want to see what other tastes of gaming past you can get, check out the best retro game consoles here.

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