The Oscar poster is here

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is clearly doing its best to keep things normal despite the Writers’ strike. We reported only yesterday that the Oscar gong show producers were readying two shows to cover both strike and non-strike eventualities and now the Academy has released the poster with its usual amount of pomp and fanfare.

They usually get a heavy hitter in the design world to tackle the thing and for this, the 80th year, they’ve found someone that sci fi fans should easily recognise, at least by name. Because Drew Struzan is the talented type responsible for all those iconic Star Wars and Indiana Jones posters (including the latest, for Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull). That said, he’s clearly so busy these days that the actual drawing work was done by his son, Christian.

If you fancy buying one of your own (not sure why, but anyway), head on over to the official Oscars site .

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