The Host 2 details!

Given the smash success of 2006’s “Korean Godzilla”/political allegory The Host, it’s not really a surprise to learn that matters are well in hand for a follow-up.

Sci Fi Japan has dug up more details on the film, including word that “The Host 2 will take place in Cheonggyecheon (or Cheonggye Stream), a creek running through the downtown of Seoul that leads to the first film’s setting, Han River. Cheonggyecheon was covered with concrete between the 1950s and 70s to build a road, but restored in 2005. The story is set in 2003 when the restoration was at an early stage. Principal characters, such as street vendors, demolition contractors, and policemen are involved with the disorder and conflict caused by the restoration— one of which is, or course, the monsters from underground. The script, written by well-known comic artist Kang Full, was submitted on December 20, 2007 after six months of writing. The press release confirmed that the sequel is actually a prequel, which will fill in the blanks of the prologue of the first film. The press release also confirmed that there will be multiple monsters appearing in the new film.”

Multiple monsters? Bring it on! There’s even some cool concept art to be glimpsed at the site, along with full details, which you can find at Sci Fi Japan .

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