Susan Boyle biopic in the pipeline

In news that has already got us tempted to perforate our own eardrums, it seems that a biopic of Britain’s Got Talent phenomenon Susan Boyle is in the works.

Fox Searchlight has reportedly secured the rights to tell SuBo’s story on the big screen, a film that will draw heavily upon stage musical I Dreamed A Dream .

In case you’ve somehow managed to avoid the endless retelling of Boyle’s “journey” on television, in the tabloid press and in autobiography, The Woman I Was Born To Be , SuBo was born working class, struggled with mental health issues and then wound up on a television talent contest.

Producer Lucas Webb has explained that the project will take the form of “a sensitive and honest biopic infused with music.” Ominous use of the word “infused” there, Lucas.

No director is attached to the project as yet, but the studio has reportedly made the film one of its top priorities. Thank you, Mr. Cowell. Your work here is done.

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