Steven Spielberg picks Harvey

The ever-revolving development tombola of Steven Spielberg's directorial choices has just spat out a new ticket - an update of Harvey.

Yes, while he's been pondering a new version of Matt Helm (still presumably locked in studio rights issues), he's now announced that he'll take on a fresh adaptation of Mary chase's play Harvey.

You might know the story, since it was originally turned into a film in 1950, with James Stewart as Elwood P Dowd.

Dowd's friendship with the six-foot-tall, invisible bunny has everyone thinking he's bonkers, but the madness that ensues helps heal family rifts and Dowd falls in love.

No, not with the rabbit.

Spielberg's take will be set in the present day, with novelist Jonathan Tropper behind a reworked script and Fox 2000 is providing the backing, partnering up (natch) with DreamWorks.

The studio will be hoping for a hit, we're sure.

There's no word on who'll take over the Dowd role, though John Travolta tried to get one moving in 2003 and surely Spielberg might consider The Modern Day Jimmy Stewart - AKA Tom Hanks...

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter ]

Do you think a remake of Harvey - even by The Beard - is a good idea? Speak!

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