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Steven Spielberg back on Robopocalypse?

Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg could still be interested in returning to sci-fi fare by helming an adaptation of the novel Robopocalypse .

Cabin In The Woods and Buffy screenwriter Drew Goddard has already written a script for the flick, which is based on Daniel H. Wilson’s story about robots taking over the planet.

Except this won’t just be about another Transformers re-bash, with Wilson’s background in mechanics and artificial intelligence offering a new take on the age-old premise that should prove fascinating - especially if Spielberg's behind the camera.

DreamWorks bought the rights to Wilson’s novel in November 2009, and Spielberg first mentioned the possibility of directing the film in March 2010.

“With DreamWorks, everything is potentially a Steven project until it’s not,” an inside source bleated to New York Magazine . “That’s why everyone’s in a frenzy trying to read it.”

Spielberg could be interested in returning to sci-fi after he’s finished up work on his adap of War Horse .