Sony worships at the Electric Church

Wait a minute, Sony have projects going that aren’t Spider-Man related?

Yeah, we’d forgotten that the film studio even, y’know, made films, what with all the Spider-Man gossip over the past couple of weeks.

Well, ignore all of that, because they’ve just snapped up the movie rights to Jeff Somers’ sci-fi book series ‘The Electric Church’.

Set in a not-too-distant future, where Earth is governed by a federation of nations, the series follows assassin-protector Avery Cates. This anti-hero is assigned by the government to kill the founder of a church who is converting people to his religion by transplanting their brains into robotic bodies.

Sounds messy.

So far the only names attached are Trevor Sands as writer, who is currently adapting the first of the three books, and Jimmy Miller, who is producing.

Could this be a new directing gig for Peter Segal, who Miller worked with on Get Smart ? No clue yet, but stick around for more info.

Got some ideas for a director/star? Shove 'em our way...

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