Sony captures Flash Gordon

It seems like plenty of classic heroes are making their way back to the screen right now, what with Indiana Jones about to whip-crack his way into cinemas this week.

Space legend Flash Gordon, meanwhile, has been stuck in limbo after being snapped up by Universal for Stephen Sommers to take a crack at producing it. He slipped Sahara’s Breck Eisner into the director’s chair, but that deal never quite worked out.

But now Sony has grabbed the rights back to the original ‘30s comic strip and Eisner has clung to the project like a barnacle on a boat. It remains to be seen what direction he’ll take the film, but we doubt it’ll be as campy (or, possibly as much fun) as Mike Hodges 1980s version. Still, it has to be better than the awful recent US Sci Fi Channel attempt…

Variety only has 14 hours to save the story.

Source: ( Variety )