Sony calls out The Boys

With the Writers’ Strike resolved, Hollywood has gone back to one of its favourite pastimes – hoovering up every talked-about comic book it can find and offering it up on the mighty development altar.

Why, just today, at least three comics have been snapped up, including Garth Ennis’ The Boys. Sony and producer Neal H Moritz have bought the rights to the story, which follows a special, extra-secret unit of the CIA whose job is to monitor superheroes and remove them if they become a threat. "Rather than begin with a romantic idea of superheroes out to save the world, The Boys imagines a world in which superheroes really exist, with all of the flaws that real people have," Moritz told Variety. The comic, originally published by DC, was cancelled after six issues despite healthy sales? The reason? OTT content, apparently. Can’t wait to see how that translates into a film…

The trade mag has the full story . But there’s no word on a director, cast or even a writer yet.

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