Shark Night 3D adds bait

Shark Night

Shark Night 3D , David R. Ellis’ multi-dimensional (visually, at least) horror flick has added four cast members to its line-up.

With filming set to kick off in Louisiana in September, Ellis has lined up a cast of nubile young things for the titular fanged fish to chow down on.

TV stalwarts Sinqua Walls (Friday Night Lights ), Chris Carmack ( The O.C. ), Alyssa Diaz ( Southland , above) and Joel Moore ( Bones, Avatar ) have all signed on to thrash about in the water.

The plot follows seven people on a weekend break at a Louisiana lake house who quickly become shark bait.

Walls will play a university linebacker who intends to marry college sweetheart Diaz. Carmack is the ex-boyfriend of a yet-uncast girl scarred by a boating accident, while Moore will provide comic relief as a guy who sees himself as Brad Pitt.

Of course, we all know the real star will be the shark. Expect an announcement that Andy Serkis has been swimming with sharks in preparation for his next mo-cap role any day now…

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