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Secret Cinema event expands in 2010

Secret Cinema

Secret Cinema, the film club that screens films across London in a covert manner, is set to have its biggest year yet in 2010.

Taking place between 15 – 20 June, the concept is easy – buy a ticket for £23.50 (£19.50 for students), then a few days later the location of the clandestine screening is revealed. But it’s not until seconds before the film starts that it’s announced just what you’ll be watching.

Which could be a terrifying prospect if the Secret Cinema folks decided to shove Troll 2 down your throat. But past years have seen them select the awesome likes of Ghostbusters , Wings Of Desire , Bugsy Malone and Alien .

This year, the event has been expanded to take place over six days, and tickets are still on sale . Not only will you get a screening, but also live performers alongside cutting edge multimedia and music.

If you’re bored of going to the Cineplex and having tweens yelling into their phones or kicking the back of your seat, Secret Cinema is the perfect alternative – a place for people who genuinely love films.

Secret Cinema are calling for “adventurers, star-gazers, explorers and those that may be stranded due to eruptions to join them on its next journey”, so if you’re up to it, head on over to and grab yourself a ticket.

Attended Secret Cinema before? What did you think to it?