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Sebastian Stan to play Americas new sidekick

Call it something of a consolation prize; despite missing out on playing Captain America, Sebastian Stan has landed the role of sidekick Bucky.

Previously, Stan was in the running for the lead role, which Chris Evans eventually accepted.

But Deadline report that Stan has become one of the lucky few to jump from the Captain America shortlist to actual role in the flick, even if it’s not the one he originally went for.

Bucky is a plucky sidekick in the vein of Batman’s Robin (though banish any Chris O’Donnell memories now, please).

Bucky’s real name is James Buchanan Barnes, originally appearing in the comics as an Indiana orphan whose father was killed while training before the Second World War. After discovering Steve Rogers changing into his America costume, Bucky is begrudgingly taken into the fold and trained up as America’s partner.

CHUD have proposed that the big screen Bucky could take his inspiration from the '90s miniseries The Adventures Of Captain America , which portrayed him as an older, street smart wise-cracker who adds some wit to America’s more straight-laced comings and goings.

If you’re a Gossip Girl fan, you’ll recognise Stan from his various appearances there, in which he plays a bit of a smarmy rich boy with a heart of gold. Good casting, if you ask us.

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