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Ryan Reynolds talks near death experience

Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds may be a superhero in the movies, but is it really that much of a stretch for him to think like one? By all accounts, no.

Having wrapped shooting on comic adap Green Lantern , Reynolds chatted with Total Film this week and revealed that a near-death experience helped him get into character for upcoming man-in-a-box drama Buried . Why? Because his impulsive wisecracking brought levity to the nail-biting situation.

“I can relate to humour in grim circumstances,” Reynolds says. “Years ago, I was 20 and I was skydiving. My friend John had packed the parachute that I was using.

“The parachute failed – it just made a lot of noise instead of engaging the wind where it would actually have a purpose! It spun me out of control and I remember saying out loud, ‘Was it something I said?’

“I remember that funny moment coming out in a very scary time before I pulled the reserve chute. That was something that was brought out a little bit in Buried . You can’t just be screaming the whole time. You have to have those little moments of humour – it gives the audience time to breathe.”

Clearly Reynolds is made to be a superhero – the man literally laughs in the face of danger.

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