Rumour: Paul Greengrass to direct The Stand?

Warner Brothers’ long-gestating attempt to bring Stephen King’s The Stand to the big screen recently hit another hurdle, with Scott Cooper becoming the latest director to drop out of the project.

However, it could be that the studio has a ready-made replacement in the wings, with Badass Digest (opens in new tab) reporting that Paul Greengrass is top of the list to fill the newly vacant position.

It would certainly be an interesting fit given Greengrass’s penchant for grounded, real-world stories, and the fantastical nature of the source material…

Cooper had cited creative differences with the studio over the project, with his assertion that the film should be R-rated thought to be the primary sticking point.

He follows Ben Affleck and David Yates on the list of directors to have come and gone on this one, although Warner is thought to be determined to persevere. Greengrass could just be the man to make it happen…

George Wales

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