Rumour Mill: Keanu Reeves as Plastic Man?

While this must be taken as a big old honking rumour, it seems that producer Joel Silver, the official mouthpiece for the secretive Wachowski brothers, went on German radio yesterday and talked about the pair’s future plans.

Seems that alongside producing Ninja Assassin, the brothers are aiming to revisit a project they had bubbling away before even The Matrix. You see, years ago, they wrote a script for Plastic Man, a DC comics character best know for… well, you can pretty much work it out from his name.

Expect lots of stretching shenanigans. And, if Silver’s further claim is right, you might see Neo himself, Keanu Reeves doing the stretching as Eels O’Brien, alter ego of PM. Might he go back to the men who made him a bona fide action star? Only time will tell, but apparently the brothers want the film in cinemas by the end of 2009. CHUD has more details .