Rumour mill: Frank Miller making Buck Rogers?

Ah, Buck Rogers. The heroic airman of the classic comic strip who falls into a coma and wakes up in the 25th Century. He might be best known from the cheese-fest ‘80s TV show (which shifted several of the details about how he arrives in the future), but all that could change if IGN’s report about Frank Miller tackling the story is true.

While Miller’s status filling the director’s chair isn’t confirmed, Nu Image and Millennium Films are most definitely aiming to update Rogers yet again for a new generation, following years of the character languishing in development hell at the whim of Jerry Bruckheimer. Now Flint Dille, grandson of the original strip’s publisher has the rights and he’s apparently penning a new script. Check out the link for more. But please Flint… Leave Twiki out of it, will you?