Rumour: Is Warner Bros laying the groundwork for Justice League with toys?

While Warner Bros. has been very quiet on the future of a potential Justice League movie, a new tie-up with supermarket chain Target may hold a clue as to the studio's ongoing plans.

Variety reports that Target has reached an agreement with the studio to begin selling a new range of Justice League toys, presenting a number of classic characters in a selection of vintage, retro designs.

Now while this obviously isn't a direct tie-in with a soon-to-be-announced movie, it is interesting that Warner has decided to start promoting the Justice League brand with a new range of toys.

It also might be interesting to note which characters will be included in the new collection, with Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman the seven heroes featured.

Any possible Justice League movie is likely to be reliant on a good box-office performance from Man Of Steel , but whether or not that comes to fruition, it certainly seems as though the studio is beginning to lay some of the groundwork…

George Wales

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