Rose McGowan as Red Sonja?

They’ve been plotting to remake Barbarella for a while now, but it looks like that’s not the only cult female character that Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan have their eyes on.

The pair is also planning to re-introduce Conan The Barbarian spin-off character Red Sonja. Originally played by Brigitte Nielsen in poorly reviewed and limited box office-grabbing 1985 original, the female warrior in the metal bikini has been touted as a likely remake possibility before, but might now actually make it to the screen. That said, we’re still waiting for Barbarella.

USA Today talked to the pair, who said that they want to have Sonja back on our screens by 2010, with Douglas Aarniokoski directing, and tear the story not only from the film, but from the comic books also…

Source: ( Usa Today )