Roger Avary to bring Castle Wolfenstein to the screen

Heroic Army Ranger BJ Blazkowicz is a man without peer. Time after time he storms the Nazi stronghold on Wolfenstein in an attempt to track down their Paranormal Division. He fights gun-toting soldiers and monsters with ease, and even when he dies, he just gets back up and keeps fighting. Of course, he’s fictional.

Blazkowicz is the pixellated star of the Castle Wolfenstein games, and after finally defeating the one enemy we weren’t sure even he could tackle – Hollywood’s slow development process – he’s going to be blasting into our cinemas thanks to Roger Avary.

The Beowulf writer has just signed a deal to write and direct Return To Castle Wolfenstein, which will be co-produced with rights owners ID Software. “I’ve been playing the character of B.J. Blazkowicz since the epic ‘Wolfenstein 3D’ first bruised my brain and have ever since wanted to bring his adventures to life on the big screen,” Avary gushed to Variety. “It’s time to bust some dams, storm some bunkers and blow up some bridges.” And that’s just on his way to work.

Look kids – all those hours spent in front of console games really can pay off! So dig out that XWii 360 (or whatever they’re called these days) and get those thumbs twiddling…

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