Rod Lurie wants Nothing But The Truth

Rod Lurie, who last brought us army prison drama The Castle, is returning to the type of tricky political drama that helped him get his foot in Hollywood’s door with The Insider.

This time, he’s written Nothing But The Truth, which follows a Washington-based female newspaper hack who reveals the identity of a CIA agent and is then sent to the slammer because she refuses to give up her source.

If it sounds familiar, then chances are you’re the sort of person who follows every legal story that emerges from the USA, though the basis for Truth was a somewhat bigger event than most – it parallels the case of Valerie Plame, a CIA operative who had her cover blown after her hubby wrote a critical newspaper piece about President Bush. The woman who was leaked the info about Plame – reporter Judith Miller- opted to take jail over revealing who told her.

Lurie wants Kate Beckinsale to play the journo, with Matt Dillon as a prosecutor, The Departed’s Vera Farmiga as the agent, Edie Falco playing the editor of the newspaper, Alan Alda the crusading lawyer who tries to spring the reporter and a giant steaming pile of horse crap as President Bush. Though we may be wrong about one of those.

The writer-director plans to start shooting in October.

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