Rob Cohen tackling Rage & Fury

When you think of Rob Cohen, your mind naturally heads towards his more recent output. xXx, say, or the distinctly stinky Stealth.

But before he worshipped at the altar of high-testosterone, low-brainpower action thrillers, Cohen was the man behind 1993 biopic Dragon: The Bruce Lee story.

And now he’s back dabbling with the kung fu master’s life for Rage & Fury. There aren’t many details as to what aspect of Lee’s life the new film will cover, but we do know that Gustin Nash and Jesse Cale have written the script.

According to Production Weekly, Rage is scheduled to start shooting next spring, so what that means for Cohen’s directing Scared Straight – the story of a governor’s son who’s sent to prison under a special programme for troubled youths and ends up getting caught in a riot – is anyone’s guess at this point.