Reese Witherspoon making Peggy Lee biopic

Peggy Lee

Reese Witherspoon is set to take on the role of another historic female singer after her success playing June Carter in Walk The Line – she has just signed on to play the lead in a Peggy Lee biopic.

The actress has been looking to make the movie for a while, having bought the rights to Lee’s story and searched about for a director for the project.

First off she approached her Legally Blonde producer Marc Platt, but it’s fellow Lee fan Nora Ephron ( Julie & Julia, Sleepless In Seattle ) who has jumped at the chance.

Ephron will reportedly write the script and direct the film. It’s not known which part of Lee’s life will be focussed on, though we imagine it’ll be a time-leaping number that spans Lee’s rise to fame.

Will this one earn Witherspoon another Oscar? We know she’s got the chops, but Ephron’s work has been hit and miss of late (um, Bewitched).

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