Rashomon remake gets the green light

It has been the basis of TV episodes and other work, but now Akira Kurosawa’s classic tale of differing viewpoints, Rashomon, will actually be remade by an American company.

The original 1950 film was set in Japan and saw the murder of a man and the rape of his wife. But the truth of the incident is filtered through four different defendants’ viewpoints and things get decidedly muddy.

According to Variety , LA-based Harbour Light Entertainment has decided to re-set the tale in an American courtroom situation. The company’s had the idea since 2001, but couldn’t get the money to make it until now.

There’s no word on cast or crew yet, but we still think it’s a terrible idea. Remaking largely unknown Asian horror is one thing, but a solid-gold classic? Retooled as a US courtroom drama? Count us out.