Prison Break season two trailer!

Ok, if you’re reading this, then we presume you’ve seen season one of Fox’s tip-top, edge-of-your-seat series, Prison Break.

If you haven’t and plan on watching it, if you’re half way through the DVDs and waiting for the next lot to be released then run, go, save yourselves – What follows are the secrets to season two and if you want to keep it pure, then you got no business being here, dammit.

After the cult success of season one, the freshman year of Prison Break is set to thrill audiences in the US and stateside TV has been rife with little teaser ads for the big kick-off.

Who got away? How will they survive? Will Michael and the Doc get it on? Has Bellick actually got a neck?

All these questions are set to be answered and knowing this show, a whole lot more will be added to the pile as well.

Click here to head over to and see what’s in store for Michael, Lincoln and the lags on the run.

Prison escapes haven’t been this much fun since Porridge: The Movie…